Aim 2

Rights and self-confidence

We implement and provide continued support for school health clubs, which so far, have reached over 11,000 pupils. These clubs provide students with a forum to support one another and learn important life skills. These clubs are also an avenue through which students learn about important wider health issues, including female genital mutilation (FGM), forced marriage (EFM), and unplanned pregnancy. Clubs are a safe space for children to talk about challenges that they face, and to boost their confidence and capacity to seek solutions to and to overcome such challenges.

Teachers are supported in their provision of life skills training to boys and girls on issues such as child rights, detrimental social norms and health issues, predominantly encompassing personal hygiene and reproductive issues.

“My school health club has encouraged our parents and community to ensure we receive an education. We have also increased our confidence and this has improved our academic performance. I will never accept to be forced into a marriage at this age, and want to work to become a community development officer.”

Naishooki Saduru, health club member at Arkatani Primary School