We Are 20

Karen King – Thank you

It’s with great sadness that we say goodbye to our friend and supporter Karen King, who passed away just before Christmas. Karen met Mike Sansom, the founder of African Initiatives, when he delivered a workshop as part of Africa Focus Week in 2002. She was working for Bristol City Council

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Just Say No

‘My father called to me one day and said I would have to be married. The next night I was sleeping in my room when he came knocking: “I am your Father and you must do what I say.” Outside there were two strange men on a motorbike and I

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An AIDS-free future.

Emanuel’s mother died of AIDS a long time ago and his father resorted to drinking heavily. We found Emanuel sheltering at a neighbour’s house. The rain was pouring through holes in the roof and there were mosquitoes flying all over the place because there was so much standing water inside. He was

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Day of the African Child

June 16th is Day of the African Child. There are hundreds of ‘special’ days. What makes this one worth marking? On this very day forty years ago, thousands of students took to the streets in Soweto, South Africa, marching in a column more than half a mile long, protesting the

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Conservation Conversation

CONSERVATION CONVERSATION The recent Goldman prize win for Edward Loure and our partner UCRT has had us thinking about land and its use, access (or lack thereof) and ownership. The Maasai are pastoralists; semi-nomadic livestock herders who move with the seasons in search of fresh pasture and water. Their ancestral

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and the 2016 Goldman Environmental Prize goes to…

and the Goldman Environmental Prize for Africa goes to…   Edward Loure, from  the Ujaama Community Resource Team! When Edward is not bathed in sunshine and accolades, he can be found protecting Maasai grazing lands from land grabbing tour-operators and safari companies. UCRT, our fantastic partner in Tanzania, is a

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beautiful photo of 3 african women

The Wild Wild Western Charity – Partnerships for good.

At an International Women’s Day Conference last month, African Initiatives hosted a series of workshops and discussion groups. One of the questions that continually came up was the role of partnerships in the work African Initiatives does. So we’re going to address this and answer the questions. The role of the western

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The Queens of Ghana

March is Women’s History Month. Often women are left out of history so we’re taking a look at the herstory of women in Ghana – Some of the most impressive and dynamic women on the continent. Women first appeared in Ghana around the same time as men. This was over 2,000 years ago.

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