Land, Livestock, Loliondo

Over the last few weeks, we have received reports of bomas on fire, herders shot and cattle displaced in Loliondo, a remote rural region bordering the Serengeti in Tanzania. We had not heard anything directly from our partners, but that was not a big surprise; Many of those we work

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Hareabi Primary School

The Problem of Stigma in Combating HIV

Where does stigma come from? Stigma generally emerges from one or more of three related factors. Firstly, there are physical factors, arising from the fear of infection or fear of the physical symptoms of HIV and AIDS. These fears often stem from misconceptions about the causes of HIV – for

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A Cow is as Good as a Woman

When I ask Kimere Masoi how old she is, she whispers that she doesn’t know. She has 7 children she says, hoping that this information will help. My translator suggests she is probably in her late 20s. She’s certainly much, much younger than I had naively imagined, when I was

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Educating My Father

From birth, a female Maasai child is treated as a second-class citizen. Women neither own nor control property and are confined to the domestic sphere. But our girl’s education programmes are slowly changing perceptions, as I discovered when I met Somoine Jeremiah. Somoine (So-moy-neh) has a serious face for a 28

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We Are 20

African Initiatives is 20 years old. It’s time to look back at where it all started. We spoke to the founder, Mike Sansom and heard about two women with fire in their bellies… Starry, starry night In 1996, Mike was travelling the road from Bolgatanga to Bawku in northern Ghana

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Karen King – Thank you

It’s with great sadness that we say goodbye to our friend and supporter Karen King, who passed away just before Christmas. Karen met Mike Sansom, the founder of African Initiatives, when he delivered a workshop as part of Africa Focus Week in 2002. She was working for Bristol City Council

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Day of the African Child

June 16th is Day of the African Child. There are hundreds of ‘special’ days. What makes this one worth marking? On this very day forty years ago, thousands of students took to the streets in Soweto, South Africa, marching in a column more than half a mile long, protesting the

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Conservation Conversation

CONSERVATION CONVERSATION The recent Goldman prize win for Edward Loure and our partner UCRT has had us thinking about land and its use, access (or lack thereof) and ownership. The Maasai are pastoralists; semi-nomadic livestock herders who move with the seasons in search of fresh pasture and water. Their ancestral

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