Education Resources

Global Education resources are available to download here. Some are also available from us as hard copies. Please contact us to request a copy

Girl Power! (2013)

This small booklet explores the importance of educating girls to development through comic strips which illustrate our programmes in Tanzania and their impact.


Explore the World Together (2012)

The booklet uses examples of issues such as the independence of Southern Sudan and the Arab Spring, in addition to every day things such as a cup of tea, to kickstart global learning in the classroom with fun and interactive activities


City, Town and Country: Our 21st Century Communities (please contact us to request your copy) (2012)

A CD full of activity plans and examples of work you can use with your students to explore rural and urban communities- their similarities and their differences.


Supporting Young People to be part of the Vision (2011)

A guide to promoting the participation of young people in local and global sustainability

This guide has been developed to support communities and schools who want to increase their work with young people in green initiatives, however the ideas and techniques explored can be adapted for participatory work in any setting. They are also designed to be shared.


Go Global Toolkit (2010)

Bring the world to your classroom or community with our toolkit, packed with fun and creative activities.


Listening, Learning, Leading: How a Partnership with a School in Africa can develop opportunities in your school (2010)

School partnerships are one the most popular and enduring forms of global education. This publication examines how they can be implemented most effectively.


Power through Education: Listening and Leading in Tanzania (2010)

A guide to women’s rights and girls’ education in Tanzania, and the ways African Initiatives’ partner organisations are working with young women, schools and communities to overcome the challenges and ensure everyone has a right to education.


African Voices Film and Resource Pack (2009)

Challenge and explore perceptions of Africa through the stories of individuals from across the continent (Key Stage 2-4)

Access film on YouTube here


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