Giving a one-off gift

A one-off donation could help us protect another African girl, buy another educational resource or lift a woman out of poverty…

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£5 could buy a pre-primary education syllabus book for a nursery school in Ghana

£25 could buy a goat, which provides a source of milk and income

£43 could allow one more girl to move into the safety of a dormitory in Tanzania

Give a one-off gift here or why not consider a regular donation?

Regular giving

By setting up a regular donation to African Initiatives, it will help us to plan ahead and support us in our aim to enable individuals and communities in Ghana and Tanzania to fight injustice and exercise their rights.

£5 a week could support a vulnerable girl to provide support and guidance as a community volunteer

£18 a fortnight could support a teacher to work in a primary school in northern Tanzania

Set up your regular donation here.