Change the World One Girl at a Time

African Initiatives works with two Tanzanian partners – the Community Aid and Small Enterprise Consultancy (CASEC) and the Pastoral Women’s Council (PWC) –  to enable girls to access an education, and also to support them at primary and secondary school once they get there.

This is done through a range of different Girls in Mbulu District, Tanzaniaactivities, including: training school boards to understand the different needs of girls and boys; building dormitories for girls at the schools so they no longer have to sleep in a place where they are at risk; establishing support clubs in schools for girls to discuss problems with trained teachers and counsellors and learn about HIV and AIDS. Using traditional Maasai forms of communication, such as singing and dancing, the girls themselves raise awareness within their communities and families of their right to go to school, and the importance of accessing an education. Fifteen-year-old Nabaya Parmya knows what a difference the girls’ clubs have made: “I’m secretary of our girls’ club. Since the club started I’ve noticed that people’s behaviour has changed, especially the relationships between boys and girls. I also understand my rights better. In my culture girls traditionally have no say on any issues that affect their lives. My father, elder brothers and uncles are the people who have power over my destiny. Now I know what rights I have and how I can communicate with people to stand up for them.”

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Natajewo is also secretary of her girls’ club. Read her story here

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Watch a song and dance written and performed by a group of Maasai children for their parents to persuade them to send them to school.

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A few of our successes:

  • The percentage of girls completing primary school in Ngorongoro has increased from 30% to 40%
  • Local councillors promised to increase the budget for girls in 2012, as well as sponsor 50 girls through school
  • The Tanzanian Ministry of Local Government wish to duplicate the programme
  • There has been an 86% increase in girls’ enrolment since 2010
  • Ngorongoro school rankings have also significantly improved. In 2009, all 10 were outside the top 50 regionally, with the lowest ranked at 167. Now, all are in the top 50, with the highest ranked at 21

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