Go Orange!

office-largeAfrican Initiatives is 20 and we plan to celebrate by Going Orange on Friday 14th July

Whether you are a school, a business an individual or a duck billed platypus, we want to get you and your creativity on board.

Go Orange! fundraising event at your school or workplace could have a big impact:

• £12 could pay for teacher training on child protection
• £72 could buy uniform and textbooks for three Maasai girls
• £140 could test 150 primary school children for HIV 

How you Go Orange! is up to you – hold a ‘Wear Orange’ day, get a sponsored tan, host an orange cake sale, play pass the orange – or choose another event idea from our Go Orange! fundraising pack.

Go Orange Leaflet for schools

Go Orange Fundraising Pack for Schools

Go Orange Corporate Leaflet

Go Orange Corporate Fundraising Pack

If you’re interested in joining our Go Orange! anniversary campaign event, please email Michael or call him on 0117 915 0001. He’ll be happy to discuss ideas and answer any questions you might have. As you can see, he’s very approachable. So get in touch!