March is Women’s History month and 8th March is International Women’s Day.

That’s not just one but TWO special lady-themed moments!!

We’re marking them here at AI with a month-long celebration of International Sisterhood.
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Over the years we have been lucky to have the support of the likes of Comic Relief and DFID, but it’s the regular-givers, the legacy-leavers and the volunteers who really keep the wheels turning. None of our work would be possible without spectacular examples of humanity and solidarity – people like Jane Halle, and Karen Ellison, who feel moved by the plight of women they have never met, and who believe that, though geographically distant, they deserve the very same rights and chances in life. That sense of solidarity is what we are celebrating with our #InternationalSisterhood campaign.


The Manly Competition


Did you know that 3/5 of our individual givers are women? And its not just our giving stats that are a little skewed  – according to the Charities Aid Foundation, women in general are more likely than men to donate, volunteer or sponsor someone.

Is it because women are intrinsically nicer? Do they tend to believe the world can and should be a better place? Do they have more hope in their hearts than men?

Who knows. But in the interest of the UN theme for International Women’s Day – parity, we would like to invite men everywhere to donate and re-level the playing field.



Women! that doesn’t mean you can slack. If you’ve already donated – let’s face it, you’re amazing and you probably have – why not send us your email address so we can sign you up to the newsletter or upload a photo to twitter?

Research suggests that not only are men incentivised by competition, they are also more likely to donate to charity in the presence of attractive women – the more attractive, the larger the amount apparently…

So here’s a pretty woman:

and another just in case

Virginia Woolf




“As a woman I have no country.

As a woman my country

is the whole world”

– Virginia Woolf