Sorry you’ve been click baited.

Maisie Williams still looks beautiful.



While you’re here, wouldn’t you like to know why we went to all this trouble?!

Rather than judging women on their looks, would you like to be fighting for the rights of girls who are at risk of being taken out of school, married to a man 3 times their age and pregnant before their bodies are ready?


Of course you would! 

We need your help. We are aiming to raise £9,000 so that we can continue to support a life-changing residential course for Maasai girls in Tanzania, run by a formidable bunch of Maasai women, known as the Pastoral Women’s Council (who are all, by the way, also beautiful – sorry just teasing ya!)

emanyata school

Who are we?

We are African Initiatives – a small NGO based in Bristol (where  the lovely Maisie is from, incidentally) and we support projects identified and implemented by Africans. We believe the grass-roots have the answers, just not the finances.

Why do we support the Pastoral Women’s Council?

Because their residential summer school actually works. Girls attending the course are more likely to go on to secondary  school, less likely to drop out at a later stage and less likely to be married off for a dowry at a young age. They are also more confident and aware of their rights, and perform better in exams!

Pretty amazing, right?

Between midday on Tuesday 29th November and midday on Friday 2nd December all donations will be DOUBLED. That’s 72 hours to help twice as many girls have a future. This is not an opportunity we can afford to miss. Please, if you’ve ever wanted to give something back, now’s your chance.