Our Partner Organisations


Simoine, at Emanyata school

We work hand in hand with local organisations to reach marginalised people in the most culturally sensitive and sustainable way. Our partners lead on the need and we follow. Learn more about our incredible partners below

In Tanzania


  • Community Aid & Small Enterprises Consultancy
    Established in 1994, CASEC is a non-profit organisation that promotes human and social development as the foundation for tackling poverty and injustice. Based in Arusha, Community Aid and Small Enterprise Consultancy provide training, research and consultancy services for local government, community leaders and NGO’s. CASEC also implement projects and provide advocacy activities. Their main focus areas are: girls’ education and urban youth work.


  • CORDSCommunity Research and Development Services
    CORDS is a voluntary organisation working in northern Tanzania established in 1997. Currently CORDS work in the districts of Kiteto, Simanjiro in Manyara region and Monduli, Longido and Arumeru in the Arusha region. CORDS work together with local communities to assess their needs and approach issues in a collaborative way. Their main focus areas are: land demarcation and certification, land use planning, livestock development and women’s rights.



  • Pastoral Women’s Council
    Reci--PWC-Education-OfficerPWC is a female-led organisation, operating in northern Tanzania, that encourages women to openly discuss the positive and negative aspects of their culture. They implement long-term structural solutions to the poverty and marginalisation of Maasai pastoralist women and children. PWC work to address lack of education for Maasai girls, lack of financial independence and property ownership rights for women as well as lack of participation in political decisions.


  • UCRT_LoureUjaama Community Resource Team
    UCRT have an in-depth understanding of the communities they work with because they grew up in them. They have been working with pastoralists, agro-pastoralists, and hunter-gatherer communities to address land rights and livelihoods issues across northern Tanzania for more than a decade. Their mission is: “to promote and enhance community capacity to improve their livelihoods and sustainably manage their natural resources.”


  • Tanzania Women Research Foundation
    Dafrosa Kokulingilila ItembaTAWREF  is a grassroots organisation based in Moshi, promoting better livelihoods through evidence-based innovative projects. Formed in 2010 by a group of experienced researchers and community interventionists.  TAWREF works to raise the quality of life for Tanzania’s marginalized communities by developing specific, measurable strategies that address poverty, health, and social impediments.


In Ghana

  • The Community Self-Reliance CentrePhillipCSRC
    CSRC is a small NGO based in Bolgatanga, northern Ghana. The founder and current director is Philip Ayamba, a Ghanaian development worker, who played a key role in the establishment of African Initiatives in 1997. CSRC are a community development organisation, but also provide advocacy and help to voice the concerns and needs of the communities they work with on a wider stage. Their main areas of focus are: women’s rights, sexual reproductive health and sustainable livelihoods.


  • GSF-staffThe Grassroots Sisterhood Foundation
    Founded in 2000, GSF is a women’s rights advocacy organisation working in rural communities of northern Ghana. GSF engages with traditional chiefs and government authorities to review customary practices that discriminate against women. GSF work to change cultural norms and negative community attitudes, to ensure women live in an environment without gender discrimination.