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We support communities, families and individuals to improve their short and long-term livelihoods, by increasing access to land, sustainable agriculture and providing advocacy for marginalized populations, with a particular focus on women and Maasai.

Our Projects

Women Farmers

 The Community Self Reliance Centre (CSRC) in Northern Ghana works to end discrimination against women. We developed a project in conjunction with CSRC to support women in their right to develop a more sustainable future for themselves and their families through farming. The project included facilitating women’s access to fertile land, inheritance and property through community sensitization and advocacy in order for them to become successful smallholder farmers; supporting these women with seed loans and promoting scheme’s such as ‘pass the gift’, a livestock distribution initiative. Read the project summary here


Land Rights

With the support of local partner the Ujaama Community Resource Team (UCRT) in Tanzania, 1,735 sq km of village land has been secured to date, and land use planning and Village Land Certificates have been obtained, directly benefiting 3,679 men and 4,585 women. This helps to prevent illegal land appropriation, secure livelihoods and increase resilience. Our Land Rights project emphasises the empowerment of women as agents for change. It works through Traditional Community Forums that still exercise considerable political influence in Maasai society, and has so far established Women’s Community Forums across ten villages. Read the project summary here

“I am a widow. After the training on women’s land rights I wrote a letter to the village to request a piece of land. The chairman and other village council members had also been at the training, so I and two women were officially granted two-acre plots each. I now grow food for my children and am able to sell the surplus to provide for their needs.” -Moipoi, Oloipiri village, Ngorongoro


Watch Edward Louré from our partner organisation UCRT, takling about land rights in his acceptance speech after winning the 2016 Goldman Environmental Prize!

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