What We Do

We support projects that are identified and implemented by Africans.

We give people a voice so they can fight for the rights they deserve but do not have: A right to an education. A right to health. A right to stay on ancestral land. A right to financial stability and a right to have a say in decisions that shape the future. Together with our partners in Ghana and Tanzania, we strive to find sustainable African solutions, through collaboration and respect.

We empower individuals and communities with the ability to lift themselves out of poverty and bring about change. We don’t give hand-outs; we educate and encourage people to pass on knowledge and work together to improve their rights. Together we are changing lives for the better.

Girls’ Education We help girls go to school – ensuring they have every chance to succeed. We tackle issues like Early Forced Marriage and Gender based violence. We train teachers to be inspirational role models for both girls and boys.

Women’s Rights We promote the financial independence of women and empower them to be respected members of and key decision-makers in their communities.

Health Rights We educate communities on HIV/AIDS, family planning, reproductive health and women’s rights. We help people access and understand their rights to access healthcare.

Sustainable Livelihoods We support rural communities, like the Maasai, to improve their livelihoods, through better access to land, and sustainable farming techniques.

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