“The girls lived in a room the size of a bathroom”

In Tanzania, the distances between a student’s village and their secondary school can be as much as 20km (around 12 miles) a day. The walk is dangerous and long.

Because of this, many girls are forced to live in unsafe ‘ghettos’ closer to their school. Here, girls are also often forced to do just as many chores as they would at home, which leaves very little time for studying meaning they fall even further behind. They can also lack proper care and guidance from adults and are at risk from sexual violence.

African Initiative’s partner in Tanzania, the Community Aid and Small Enterprises Consultancy (CASEC) works with communities to overcome these issues by building matron-staffed dormitories specifically for girls to study and sleep in safely, on or close by the school compound.

In this film, Simon Pickard from The Waterloo Foundation, describes his trip to the project, funded by the Foundation, and the difference it is making to so many girl’s lives.


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