‘Without Land, no pastoralism’

In this film Makko Sinandei talks in detail about the importance of land to pastoralist communities in Tanzania and the ways in which  African Initiatives’ partner, the Ujaama Community Resource Team (UCRT) is working with villages to secure it.

Pastoralists are nomadic livestock keepers who move with the seasons onto different pastures. Found the world over; African Initiatives’ partners the Pastoral Women’s Council (PWC) and the Ujaama Community Resource Team (UCRT) support pastoralist communities, including the Maasai, in northern Tanzania.

Land is vital to pastoralist communities and the traditional livelihoods of these communities are becoming increasingly under threat from the demands of a blossoming – and economically vital -tourist industry and foreign multinational companies. UCRT work with communities to raise awareness of their rights and take action using the legal system to secure what is rightfully theirs. One of the most successful ways UCRT have found of doing this is through “Land Use Plans” where the ways in which the communities use their land is charted, whether that is for water, schools, inhabitation or grazing. 

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