Girl’s Dormitories: Struggling to be built

Communities contribute the vast majority of the funds and labour which enable girl’s dormitories to be built across Kilolo and Mbulu districts however it is a struggle for them. Each person is asked to contribute 14,000 TSH but when you think that a family’s income is approximately 100,000TSH it can be a big ask. Add to this the complications of a restricted period where villagers can contribute (a 2 month period after the harvest) and the fact that they are also asked to contribute to all community buildings; classrooms, dispensaries, teacher’s houses, ward council buildings, classrooms etc and it is a struggle.

In general for each hostel, communities must fund the following:
150 bags of cement @ 17,000Tsh per bag
Windows and doors @ 1.6million Tsh (approx)
Toilets and bathrooms approx 20 million Tsh

Plus they must contribute in terms of bringing sand and stones and making bricks. This includes having to pay for the transport costs of the materials.

In this film, Christine Whinney talks to the Executive Director of Irole Ward and the Headmistress of Lundamatwe School about what they need to finish the job.

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