Kilolo Girl’s Dormitory

47 girls live in Kilolo Girl’s Dormitory at Kilolo Secondary School in Tanzania. The girls moved in about 2 years ago, away from the unsafe “ghettoes” in local villages; their own homes being too far away to walk from each day. Ghettoes are no more than shacks, and girls are expected to help the families they are staying with with their chores – carrying water, farming, cooking, collecting firewood (in addition to paying rent). They have no time for studying and, without supervision, often fall prey to early pregnancies or contract HIV and other diseases. Sometimes they are troubled by (usually older) men who try to force themselves on them.

Dormitories such as the one at Kilolo provide a safe haven for girls who have ambitions and dreams for their futures; somewhere to live in peace, with a matron to look after them and time to study.

In this film, the girls in Kilolo Dormitory allow us into their home and Lucy talks about the difference being able to live there has made to her.

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