The Community Self-Reliance Centre (CSRC) is a small non-governmental organisation based in Bolgatanga, northern Ghana. The founder and current director is Philip Ayamba, an experienced and dedicated Ghanaian development worker, who also played a key role in the establishment of African Initiatives in 1997.

CSRC was established in 2003 following the success of their sister organisation ZOVFA (Zuuri Organic Farmer’s Association), whom African Initiatives had previously supported. As well as undertaking community development with local communities, they aim to be an advocacy organisation, voicing the concerns and needs of the communities they work with on a wider stage.  Over the years they have grown in strength and size, now employing twelve staff with an extensive network of volunteers within the communities in which they work. African Initiatives is  their main partner with the two organisations working together in Ghana in three key areas: women’s rights, sexual reproductive health and sustainable livelihoods (supporting small holder farmers).