African Initiatives and Ujaama Community Resource Team (UCRT) have worked together since 1998 on land conflict issues facing pastoralists in northern Tanzania, recently starting work on a new land rights project funded by UKAid.

Access the UCRT website at  www.ujamaa-crt.org/about-ucrt.html

Download UCRT's latest Annual Report

Download UCRT’s latest Annual Report

Based in Arusha, UCRT have an in-depth understanding of the communities they work with because they grew up in them. They have been working with pastoralists, agro-pastoralists, and hunter-gatherer communities to address land rights and livelihoods issues across northern Tanzania for more than a decade. Their mission is “to promote and enhance community capacity to improve their livelihoods and sustainably manage their natural resources.”

A recent major success story came when two pastoralist communities secured a legal certificate affording them control and access over 23,000 hectares of common grazing land, vital for the security of their livelihoods. This was the first time a certificate of this nature had been granted to multiple communities for joint access in the country.


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