African Initiatives Twitterchat ‘How to’

African Initiatives is hosting a LIVE pre-conference Twitterchat  that will take place between 12-2pm this Thursday  20/02/14!

This is a fantastic opportunity to ask questions and discuss fascinating issues such as forced marriage, sex, slave labour in the fashion industry, land rights and lesbian immigration. Speakers present will be those running workshops at the forthcoming International Women’s Rights Conference on Saturday 1st March 2014. Join us on Twitter this Thursday!


Hashtag (use at the end of each tweet): #rightsandreasons

Chat host (moderator): @AIglobal 


How do I participate? Three simple steps:

  1. If you don’t already have one, sign up for a Twitter account and log in!
  1. When the time comes to chat, type in the hashtag #rightsandreasons to the search box at the top of your twitter homepage and the results for everyone using this hashtag will come up. Alternatively if you can already see this hashtag in a tweet you can just click on that. (There are also a number of sites that enable you to just follow the chat and nothing else, such as
  1. At 12.00 @AIglobal will ask speakers present to introduce themselves and then guests will be welcomed and asked to make themselves known if necessary. The Host will choose a speaker/topic and the chat begins, until the host moves the chat onto another topic. Sometimes topics will merge and appropriate digression is allowed.

How do I ask a question or make a comment?

  1. Be clear who the question/comment is for by putting their name (e.g @AIglobal) at the start, then ask your question, add #rightsandreasons to the end, then press send and wait for the answer. You might need two tweets if it’s long but please use this format for both tweets – be clear by using ellipsis in the middle of a sentence (‘…’). Good questions promote discussion, but all reasonable questions are welcomed.
  1. Speakers may need some time to answer, again using more than one tweet. Be patient in waiting for their answer and also feel free to comment on answers if you want to. The host will ask anyone using untoward language/comments to leave the conversation.
  1. Feel free to share tweets from within the chat with your network by re-tweeting, this is a good way to show your support of a comment  – don’t forget to use the hashtag (#rightsandreasons) so people can follow along.
  1. The host will retweet questions, comments and answers as necessary so you don’t miss anything.


[box] Remember to finish all tweets with #rightsandreasons so others can follow the conversation[/box]


Speakers taking part (so far):

  • Jose Sluijs-Doyle, CEO African Initiatives – Key note speaker
  • Sarah Childs, Professor, Bristol UniversitySex Matters – The importance of Women’s Political Representation
  • Jill on behalf of Maanda, Director of the Pastoral Women’s Council, Tanzania: Land Rights
  • Anna McMullen, Labour Behind the LabelHow fashion could change the world (if only the system let it)
  • Prossy Kakooza, Lesbian Immigration Support network: “Seeking asylum on the basis of your sexuality? Prove it.”
  • Just announced – Dr. Cezara Nanu, Founder, Bristol Woman magazine: Closing speeches

…and possibly more!



Happy Tweeting!