African Initiatives has a new partner!

Admin and Research intern, Stacey Wood, reports on our new partner.

As a long serving volunteer of African Initiatives and someone who is passionate about the rights of pastoralists, I am pleased to be given the opportunity to write about the partnership of AI with the Community Research and Development Service (CORDS) in Tanzania on the project ‘Building Pastoralist Women’s Livelihoods’ in Tanzania’.

The project focuses on the two villages in the Longido District, where women significantly outnumber men and are expected to do the lion share of the work to support their household BUT many (as little as 20%) don’t own or have any rights to the land they farm. They also face further problems such as climate change, increasing livestock deaths, and government restrictions over pastoralist practices.

What AI aims to achieve in this year long partnership with CORDS is to provide training sessions to one women’s group per village (impacting on 700 women!). Pastoralist women will be taught entrepreneurial skills to generate alternative income, business management and leadership training, knowledge of land rights and governmental law surrounding natural resources. We will also assist 70 women in acquiring a land ownership certificate which gives the women security against land grabs and therefore greater economic and food security.

As I spent many months last summer researching pastoralists, who have been subject to prejudice for centuries, I’m excited about this new partnership that will not only combat this but also generate greater gender equality and land rights for the women.