Aim 1

Improve quality of teaching

To support primary and secondary school teachers, our three partners provide training on core subjects, particularly Mathematics, Science and English, as well as participatory and inclusive teaching methodologies.

We host head teachers’ and school committees’ training, refresher training workshops and club follow up sessions to ensure knowledge is shared and embedded. This also encourages ownership of the project in the 70 primary and secondary schools reached.

“My school has benefited greatly from training. We have
learnt how to prepare lesson plans and scheme of work using a competence-based model and I received training and support to better manage my school […] teamwork amongst teachers and myself has greatly improved. We are now the best performing school in our District. Last year we ranked 13th! I am very proud of this improvement and will ensure to maintain this excellent track record.”

Mr Hamad Lesso, Headmaster of Mokilal Primary School