LAND GRABS: Maasai to lose land in Tanzania

BREAKING NEWS: Loliondo Community Land is Declared a Wildlife Corridor.

The Tanzanian government have divided up Maasai lands for reserves and wildlife management, leaving them with no land to survive off. Land will be divided up for game reserves, wildlife management and ‘public and international’ interests – what’s left will be for the Maasai. The pastoralists, who depend of this land, will be forced to have less livestock and will have little land left after it is divided up. If this plans goes through, this will be the end of the Maasai and the Serenget Ecosystem. What can YOU do? Write to your local MP and ask what the British government in Tanzania are going to do about this. Through international pressure and media coverage you can stop these changes being implemented.
“The End of the Maasai in Loliondo”

Partners tell us:

“The Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Ambassador Khamis Kagasheki, addressed the media this afternoon at his office and he delivered the government statement on the Loliondo village land. He said, the governement of Tanzania is establishing the corridor of 1,500 sq Km for both public and international interests. He added the current Loliondo Game Controlled Area is 4000 sq Km and the governement will take 1,500 for the corridor and the remaining 2,500 will be the village land. He added, wildlife management areas will be established from the 2,500 sq Km and the remaining will be left for pastoralism. He stressed, the government will provide social services to the Maasai, including livestock services. He also said the Maasai have got to keep few livestock as per the carrying capacity of the left area.”

This is, in effect, the end of the Maasai in Loliondo, affecting some 10,000 people. The “international interests” are the Otterlo Business Corporation Ltd, a hunting company from UAE. This organisation has been in conflict with local residents for several years, including the use of violence and the eviction of local residents in 2009.

We will bring you updates on the situation as we receive them from our partners in Loliondo.

What can you do?

  • There is an official petition to support the Maasai, launched by Avaaz. Sign it here
  • Write to your MP, asking them to work with the Tanzanian government to protect the livelihoods of local people in Loliondo. You can find you MP at It should go from your personal email address and include your home address (so they know you are a constituent).