Calling all teachers! Bring a global dimension to your classroom:


School in TanzaniaFor teachers looking to bring a Global Dimension to their classroom, African Initiatives is offering a full day course called the Global Teachers Award. The course, held on 11th March 2014, will be based at our office in St Pauls, Bristol. During this resource-packed day, teachers and educators attending will be equipped with the tools and knowledge they need to bring global learning into their lessons through a variety of ways. Have you ever tried to teach subjects such as conflict or justice but not known where to start? We’ll cover these, as well as providing web and literature links for activities on subjects such as values and perceptions, diversity and sustainability. You’ll be able to share your new skills with the whole school, helping you to nurture informed, active global citizenship amongst all of your pupils.


With just a small group, the nature of the course provides a secure environment to share ideas and learn without inhibitions or preconceptions. It’s a passport for opening your schools learning to the wider world.


This level 1 course is endorsed by Oxfam and Think Global and is available to anyone teaching or working in education for both primary and secondary schools. In partnership with Wiltshire Global Education Centre.


Get in touch with Holly at for more information.

Poster and booking form here: GTA March 2014 (AI)