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The electrification of women’s empowerment

I have seen over the years how improved cooking stoves and appliances have the potential to reduce indoor air pollution, improve the health of women and children, and reduce time and drudgery spent collecting fuelwood, which accelerates ongoing deforestation.

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First Impressions of the Land of Lion King

I’ve just returned from my first visit to our Tanzania programme. We are working with eight incredible Tanzanian organisations in the north of Tanzania, and what a privilege it was to be able to spend time with these inspirational African leaders – thank you Maanda, Dafrosa, Aginatha, Alfred, Lilian, Martha,

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A Conversation with Lilian Looloitai

Lilian Looloitai, the Executive Managing Director of our partner Community Research and Development Services recently spoke with our Communications Officer. In our latest blog, Lilian recollects her childhood, role at CORDS and 2017 UK trip.

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