‘Engishon’ Gender Equality and Land Rights for Pastoralist Communities

African Initiatives’ CEO José Sluijs-Doyle and Programme Officer Becky Mallows travelled to Longido District, northern Tanzania this week, with colleagues from our partner UCRT (Ujamaa Community Resource Team). They attended the project launch workshop for our ‘Engishon’ Gender Equality and Land Rights for Pastoralist Communities in Northern Tanzania – Engishon means ‘Life’ in the Maa language.

This new project will secure land for pastoralist communities in Longido district through Land Use Planning (LUP) and associated Customary Certificates for Right of Occupancy – a CCRO is an innovative form of land tenure that allows communal land ownership to be legally recognised. In Simanjiro and Ngorongoro district the project works with Women’s Rights Leadership Forums (WRLFs) and provide access to Village Community Bank (VICOBA) schemes, enabling women to improve their access to credit, their access to the means of production and, hence, the means of income generation.

The launch workshop brought together stakeholders from the three districts. Stakeholders included Village council and WRLF members, District Council representatives and community members. Following a supportive opening speech by Longido’s District Councillor – participants split in smaller groups and discussed what their contribution to the success of the project would look like, and what support they expected from UCRT to make the project a success. Local government representatives reported “to ensure there is a strategy of sustainability of the project that’s the role of local government.”

José stated how “the launch workshop was a great success. Participants engaged and keen to support UCRT in this project so that land security and community and women’s economic empowerment can become a reality.”