Achieving a firewalking feat with your feet

New Communications Officer Andy Dunne talks of his first-hand experience and encourages you to do something amazing this autumn by getting involved in African Initiatives’ upcoming firewalking fiesta, taking place in Bristol this October.

AFRINT-Logo-Webv2“As the crowds who’d come to cheer us on started up their rallying chant I stood before a 10ft path of glowing embers. The person in front of me had just made it across and there was no backing out now: I was next up to throw reality out the window and walk barefoot across the burning bed of fire.

What happened next passed in an adrenalin-filled blur as I was expertly guided across the firewalk by our trainer, Mike. Hours earlier he had led us in a motivational seminar that had left us all in a hypnotic and happy state, buoyed up by the prospect of completing the walk. Now, reinforcing every word, he got me across safely. Buzzing from the experience I checked my feet – both unscathed!”

That was for a charity firewalk ten years ago. Many more will have walked the gauntlet since – and at AI we’d love to hear about your experiences via email or social media if you’ve taken part in one. But my memory still stays strong; one of those stories I will bore grandkids with long into the future…

This October we’re offering you the chance to complete a firewalk to help support our work with partners in Ghana and Tanzania. On Thursday 17 October we’ll host a fundraising fiesta from our offices on Brunswick Square for firewalkers and for spectators, who we need to cheer people on.

Participants will first take part in a 2-hour seminar where they’ll learn the secrets of firewalking and how to channel their energy and overcome their fears. By the end of the session, they’ll be led out to complete the walk, guided on by our firewalking experts at Blaze.

By the end of the experience so many who firewalk come away with so much more than they first bargained for: increased confidence and a desire to take on new or daunting challenges – all things which can lead to exciting, new opportunities.

Join us for what promises to be a red hot event this October and help us raise money for our work in Africa.

For more information and to register to take part see our firewalking webpage, tweet us (@aiglobal) or contact Carrie via