Happy World Health Day!

World Health Day is celebrated annually on 7th April and has been since 1950, when the World Health Assembly decided to dedicate this day to raising awareness of health needs.

Why does World Health Day happen?

World Health Day is a World Health Organisation campaign designed to raise awareness about health related needs around the world. The campaign highlights that while many people enjoy the benefits of having universal access to high quality healthcare, others lack access to essential health products like medicines and experience health issues as a result.

World Health Day is an opportunity to make people aware that access to healthcare is not universal.

The second element of the campaign is to advocate making equal access to healthcare a reality. This may include health-based organisations using this day of recognition as an opportunity to promote their work.

How does African Initiatives contribute to the work of World Health Day?

Whilst we believe it is important to take part in the awareness raising element of World Health Day, we also believe African Initiatives has a vital role to play in improving access to healthcare in the rural north of Tanzania. In our five-year Strategic Plan (2017-22), priority one is ‘by 2022 women and girls in marginalise communities live healthier lives with improved well-being.’

Our programmes centre on helping the most vulnerable individuals realise their rights in relation to education, healthcare and livelihoods. Our three health and well-being projects focus largely on health issues faced by women and girls in northern Tanzania: sexual and reproductive health; HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment; menstrual hygiene management.

Click on the project title below to read more about the work we are doing to improve health and well-being in Tanzania:

Fit for School

Directly supports 1,590 children and 24 teachers in 3 primary schools in two Councils of the Kilimanjaro region, northern Tanzania, with the overall objective of improving water, sanitation and hygiene conditions at the project schools and at home. Read more

HIV and AIDS Intervention

Increases knowledge of HIV prevention amongst teachers, children and parents. With the support of local governments and health facilities, provides testing and early access to care and treatment in twelve schools in Moshi district. Read more

Sexual Reproductive Health

Improves the health and well-being of female sex workers, vulnerable adolescent girls and young women, people with disabilities and people living with HIV in Hai district. Read more

As we honour World Health Day this year, we believe more than ever that access to quality healthcare will enable the women and girls we work with to achieve our organisational vision:

“Women and girls in marginalised African communities enjoy equal status and empowerment to achieve their potential.”