Naishooki Saduru

Equal Rights Project

My name: Naishooki Saduru

My story: I am the fifth born to my mother. My father has two other wives, and altogether there are 16 children in my family. Because I am the first daughter to be born, my father wanted to marry me off for a dowry. He had already accepted some cows from a friend of his who wanted me as his fourth wife, but I refused to be married. I am a member of my school’s health club, and the training that Pastoral Women’s Council (PWC) has delivered to me as part of my membership has taught me about the negative effects of early and forced marriage, as well as the importance of having goals in our life, and working hard in our studies.

My thoughts on the project and hopes for the future: My health club membership has encouraged my parents and community to ensure I am educated. I have also greatly increased in confidence, and this has directly impacted my academic performance. I will never accept to be forced into a marriage before I am ready; instead, I want to become a Community Development Officer and help benefit not only my community, but my nation.