Ngikundael Mgasse

Equal Rights Project

Ngikundael Mgase

My name: Ngikundael Mgasse

My story: I am a Chief Quality Assurer for Mondoli District. When the government stopped allocating funds for school inspections, our department almost closed. Because we had no funds to go out and visit and inspect schools, we spent most of our time in our offices. Pastoral Women’s Council (PWC) and its partners helped to facilitate school inspections, which provided the government with a clearer vision of what is happening in schools, and how we can improve the provision of education. I will never forget how in one school I discovered that the community was mistreating teachers, and children were encouraged to fail their exams. After sharing my report with the school committee and local government body, a new head teacher was allocated and the community has since been mobilised to support education. As a result, last year, five pupils passed their exams compared to the previous year where no pupils passed at all.

My thoughts on the project and hopes for the future: PWC and its partners have made it possible for inspectorate reports to be produced that allow the government to fully understand the challenges that hinder school performance.