Ngoini Lowasa

Girls’ Scholarships

My name: Ngoini Lowasa

My story: I am a first year Pharmaceutical Sciences student at Kigamboni City College. I am 20 years old from Ngorongoro district. I am from a polygamous family of 15 children, unfortunately, my father did not support girls’ education but PWC were determined for me to join college.  Like most Maasai men, my father used to believe that it was better to marry me (and my sisters) off for dowry than take me to school.

I was relieved when PWC staff came to my village in 2012 to conduct Pre Form 1 interviews (3 month classes offered for girls at risk of early/forced marriage during transition to secondary school) and after passing, I was selected to join Emanyata Secondary School as a Pre-form one student. Later, PWC sponsored me to join Emanyata Secondary School where I completed my studies in 2016.

I thankfully received a good grade which allowed me to join a tertiary college.  Because of my good performance and determination to stay in school, my father finally accepted my choice to study at Emanyata and supported me to purchase small items for my upkeep.

After successfully passing secondary education, I got selected to join Kigamboni City College, again my father was not very happy but PWC encouraged me to continue pursuing education and work hard in my exams to that my father will see the benefits of education and support my younger sisters to attend school. I am so proud that I am currently undertaking my field practice studies at the Selian hospital in Arusha region and I will go back to college in October. I believe my education will help my community get out of poverty and I will contribute my pharmaceutical skills to reduce cases of curable diseases.