Engisoma Ngorongoro

Engisoma Ngorongoro

Project Summary

Engisoma Ngorongoro (Educate) is a three-year project (2016-2019) funded by an anonymous donor, working in two secondary schools (Emanyata; Soitsambu) and two primary schools (Mondorosi; Mairowa) in Loliondo Division, Ngorongoro district, northern Tanzania. Implemented by our long-term partner the Pastoral Women’s Council, the project’s goal is to improve secondary school transition and the quality of formal education for pastoralist and agro-pastoralist girls and boys in Ngorongoro district.

In terms of ‘quality of education’, Engisoma focusses on:

a) Processes – that is well-trained teachers who are trained and supervised to use child-centred teaching approaches in well-managed classrooms and appropriate assessment to facilitate learning;

b) Environment – by contributing to building healthier, safer schools and classrooms, and by providing teaching and learning resources and facilities.

Project Context

In Tanzania, there are one million children aged 7 to 13 who are not in school. Girls, the poorest children, children with disabilities and children living in under served communities are most vulnerable of dropping out of school or not being enrolled in school in the first place. Transition between primary and secondary education is a particular barrier African Initiatives works to address. For Iragw, Maasai and other pastoralist children, the barriers to accessing secondary education are huge – less than half of pastoralist children make the transition – and girls are even less likely than boys to make it.

Meet Anna

Anna is a recent standard seven (primary school) graduate from Mairowa in Loliondo, Ngorongoro district. Her parents are pastoralists who did not go to school and they are both uneducated.

“I know I am very lucky to be enrolled in secondary school. My teachers are good role models and I appreciate the conducive teaching style in my school which centres on students, group debates and quizzes. English has been my favourite subject and I aspire to become an English teacher in the future. I feel confident in challenging issues such as unplanned pregnancies which affects girls in my community, and have weakened girls’ attendance and performance at my school. I want to advise my fellow girls that girls are strong and can even excel boys at school, it is just a matter of support, self-esteem and courage.”

Recent Achievements

New teaching resources

were provided for Mairowa Primary School in the form of a photocopy machine, solar battery and inverter. This has enabled teachers to develop and distribute learning materials to students.

49 teachers

were trained on preparing competence-based and interactive lesson plans, testing and assessment skills. For example, students are encouraged to brainstorm questions in groups and learn via the ‘jig-saw-fit’ model.