The Bed Project: Dare 2 Dream

Project Summary 

We have partnered up with eBay for Charity  and our partner Community Aid and Small Enterprises Consultancy (CASEC) to implement the second phase of our Dare2Dream: Beds for Girls project which empowers girls by giving them a bed for the night near school. Our overall goal is to buy 85 bunk beds so 170 schoolgirls have a safe place to sleep and can continue their studies. Lack of a bed leads to pneumonia (it can get exceedingly cold at night in the East African Rift Valley) and malaria (there’s no bed frame on which to attach a mosquito net). It also leads to poor education performance and girls dropping out of school.

In 2009, African Initiatives and CASEC got involved with the construction of 45 school dormitories. In subsequent years, more funding was secured to provide beds for 31 of the dormitories. Of course, that leaves 14 of the dormitories still unfurnished and girls forced to sleep on the floor. So far in phase two of this project, we have raised £1,100 which can fund 7 bunkbeds, providing 14 girls with a safe and secure place to sleep onsite at school. Read more about our Dare2Dream project here

Project Context

In the remote north of Tanzania, a bed can truly be a springboard to changing lives. Many Maasai and other pastoralist girls have to walk 10-22km to get to their nearest school. The journey is not only exhausting but dangerous – there’s the constant threat of attack by wildlife or by young Maasai warriors determined to prove their manhood by sleeping with a virgin.

Meet Mary

Mary is a Form 3 student living in Mbulu District. She sleeps in a school dormitory which has no beds, no safe drinking water and no proper lighting. Mary has to walk every day to fetch drinking water from the local borehole. It is not uncommon for Mary to queue almost two hours for water. “We are wasting a lot of time each day fetching water. The wasted time could be used for studying,” she says. “Girls get so tired and sick when they are forced to sleep on a hard floor and many drop out of school. This project is very important for girls’ education.”

Visit our eBay item page to find out more and make a donation of £10 or above to help us build 85 bunk beds to help keep girls in school. Alternatively, you can make a gift to this appeal by completing the form below:

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