Previous Education Projects

Previous Education Projects

Girls Health Clubs in Secondary Schools

In partnership with the Community Aid and Small Enterprises Consultancy (CASEC), We work with fourteen secondary schools in Arusha (around 7,000 students each year) to develop Health Clubs. The sessions provide a space to learn about issues surrounding HIV & AIDS in a no-taboos setting, but they have become a lot more than this. Students at Oloirien School for example, have dug a vegetable garden which provides food for the whole school, including those students who could not afford lunch in the past. Read more

Song and Dance

Between September 2011 and August 2014, we ran a project called ‘Song and Dance’ in which traditional song and dance techniques were used to inform girls, their schools, parents and key community members of the importance of education. Read more

School Dormitories

Between August 2011 and February 2015, we ran a project to help build safe dormitories keeping girls safe at night during school term time. Along with our partner Community Aid and Small Enterprises Consultancy (CASEC), we mobilised local communities to help build these houses. Read more