Priscus Thomas Silayo

My name: Priscus Thomas Silayo

My story: In 2011, I fell from high up while working as a welder. Since then, I have been in a wheelchair. In the beginning, my employer helped me with some initial medical fees, but I’ve had no support since then. My wife left me after the accident, she is now remarried, and my three children are staying at a relatives’ house because I have no home to support them. I was initially living with other relatives but they were unaccepting because of my disability – they didn’t share their food with me and they did things like putting a chicken in my bedroom to make me feel unwelcome. I now live with a friend which is better, but I still feel rejected by the community. My family often do not pick up the phone when I call and being in a wheelchair means it is difficult for me to rent a property, even if I am able to afford it.

My thoughts on the VICOBA group: With a VICOBA loan, I will be able to buy additional parts for my welding machine at home which I can use for business. I also hope that the project will raise awareness about disabilities that will help to change people’s attitudes.