Radio 4 Appeal 2015

We’re very proud to tell you that Mariella Frostrup is the voice of our appeal 2015. Mariella has been an advocate for  gender equality for over two decades and has her own charity working toward the cause. We went up to the BBC Radio 4 studio last week to meet her and record the appeal. We can’t wait for you to hear it!

Mariella will be telling the story of Maria, who underwent female genital mutilation at the age of 13, and was betrothed to a older man. Listen in to hear how Maria’s life turned around thanks to African Initiatives.

Tune in on Sunday 1 March at 7.55am or 9.26pm,

or if you miss that, Thursday 5 March at 3.27pm

The full story of Maria with photo’s will be uploaded soon so watch this space for updates.