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Equal Rights to Quality Education

Christmas is fast approaching, and thanks to The Big Give your generosity will be doubled when you donate online between midday on Tuesday 27th November and midday on Tuesday 4th December.

This year, we are raising funds for our five-year Equal Rights to Quality Education (2014-2019) project which is implemented in partnership with three partners who have extensive experience in implementing education programmes, as well as working with local teacher training colleges and government quality inspectors:

We work across 70 rural primary and secondary schools in 6 districts in northern Tanzania to improve access to education, and strengthen the quality of teaching and school management. This project also supports the implementation of student health clubs which provide a forum for pupils to support each other socially and academically. This, in turn, improves students’ morale, academic performance and knowledge of wider health issues such as forced marriage and sexually transmitted infections.

Our achievements to date include:

  • 11,000 primary and secondary school students have been taught life skills in health clubs
  • We’ve improved the teaching capacity of 4,300 primary and secondary school teachers
  • 5,314 community members have been sensitised on the importance of education

Our primary activities for the final year include providing continued support for teacher training, as well as increasing partner and school capacity to strengthen policies and processes which will protect children from abuse and neglect. We expect to reach 26,342 primary school students and 23,149 secondary school students who study in the 70 project schools, improving their education standards and life style choices.

Read our project summary or click on one of our three main aims below to read more about our work in these specific areas and to hear about the impact of this project through the words of some of our beneficiaries.

“More and more teachers now make it a priority to prepare lesson plans and schemes to ensure they accomplish set milestones in their respective classes. This has greatly contributed to enhancing our students’ academic performance. Training has also boosted teacher morale, as staff work more tirelessly towards academic excellence.”

Headmaster of Alexander Saulo School