Rita Nyange

Disability Inclusion in Village Community Banking

My name: Rita Nyange

My story: I have been confined to a wheelchair since I was 7 years old. My parents have been a great help but they both sadly passed away quite recently. I now live with my brother-in-law as his house has better access to the hospital, this is useful as I need to visit regularly. I have a daughter who is in secondary school and I support my husband who cannot work because of ongoing health problems caused by TB and asthma. To support my family I set up a small business – I sell grocery items and charcoal from a small kiosk. Although this is not enough to cover my daughter’s school fees and I fear that she might have to drop out of school soon if I cannot keep up with the payments.

My thoughts on the VICOBA group: I am so thankful for this project. I hope it will give me a chance to save money, to have access to a loan and provide a platform for me to start a second business. I previously tried to start another business with a group of women but when they saw I was in a wheelchair they did not allow me to join. The words that were spoken to me have never left me.