Snapshot from Ghana

CEO, Rosie Martin, has been visiting our projects in northern Ghana.

“I’m on my annual trip to Ghana. Today I met the amazing Thomas Ndebugri also known as Elias or “This man”. He’s won various local and national awards for basically being an amazing farmer. He has even won an award for Best Facilitator and I can see he deserves it.

Thomas was one of 4 children. His dad could afford to send 2 of his children to school and he wasn’t one of them. Consequently he stayed home from an early age and farmed, which helped the 2 older siblings stay in school.

Thomas comes from Binduri which is where African Initiatives work began with our partner ZOVFA. ZOVFA is a farmers association and Thomas joined in. Over the years he’s been sent on many workshops and attended farmer field schools. This has transformed his way of farming, so much so that he won all those awards, including National Best Onion Farmer and Best Soya Bean Farmer. He tells me that when he now goes for training, on his return home, his neighbours come crowding round to find out what he has learned. They know that if Thomas thinks it’s a good idea its going to improve their yields.  He now runs a drama group for the Association especially designed for non believers and to get the most sceptical farmers to ditch their agro-chemicals in favour of more organic and sustainable farming methods.

Best of all he tells me that through the training received from ZOVFA and the consequent increase in farm yields, he’s been able to send all his children to school, which is testament to his tenacity and the amazing work of a small farmer’s association in a remote part of northern Ghana.”